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Points To Remember When Using the Binder Lift

1. Attach by disconnecting all buckles and situating the Binder Lift with the cushioned edge located directly below the armpits. On patients with an extended mid-range, the harness can be situated so that the bottom strap is below the belly. On female patients, position the Binder Lift as high as possible on the torso so upper strap can be securely tightened above the breasts. On “pear” shaped individuals with large breasts, it may be necessary to place the lift device underneath the breasts to secure adequately. In either case, be sure to utilize leg straps to keep the Binder Lift from scrunching upwards during the lift procedure.

2. Starting with the top quick release buckle and working down to the bottom, connect all buckles and adjust each strap by cinching up at the buckle until taut. On smaller patients, the harness can be adjusted smaller in size by removing the horizontal straps from the belt loop holders attached to the vertical hand loops in the last two columns (MX) and single column (XLT). The excess “flap” should then be tucked under the opposing side. For larger patients, simply lengthen each web strap before starting. The MX can accommodate a chest size from 34”-62” and the XLT 58”-82”.

3. Next, rotate the harness left or right as needed so that the front two leg strap buckle receivers are spaced equally on the patients’ waist. Because of the Binder Lifts adjustability, this will be slightly different from patient to patient.

4. Thread the leg straps from the back through the inner thighs and attach to the front receiver buckles. Be sure to adjust snugly as any excess slack will result in the harness sliding up the torso during the lifting operation. If the patient is in the sitting position, have them shift their body weight to the left while you snug the right leg strap and then lean to the right while securing the left. Likewise, if the patient is lying in the supine position, simply roll them slightly and thread the leg strap through the inner thighs and adjust until snug. Use caution to avoid pinching.

5. Once securely attached, grab any of the hand loops to execute the lifting process. Care should be taken to position your body as close to the patient as possible while keeping your back straight and arms as close to your body as possible. Utilize the strength in your legs, not your back, to do the lifting. Partners of differing heights can utilize differing hand loop heights to allow for the offset of hand/arm elevation in the standing position (taller person grabs upper hand loops while shorter person grabs loops at the lower position.)
6. The lifting operation should be accomplished in unison with your partner. Unequal lifting rates will result in instability of the patient and could result in injury of the patient and/or caregivers.