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For the past 18 years, Rossbro has developed solutions to in-vehicle problem areas, for ambulance service providers, police dept., transit-paratransit bus operators-manufacturers, hospital, long term care residence health care workers and paramedics.

ROSSBRO is Unique, as it performs on a no-cost basis, evaluation of in-vehicle solutions, for accessory, rugged computer/tablet mounts, or a client’s special request, to which an existing product/solution is not available. A client is only engaged in a contractual obligation, when satisfied with the solution. Rossbro up fronts the development cost, design, prototype, to assure the clients satisfaction and approval. Once they agree to proceed forward, we provide final plans of approval to proceed forward.
ROSSBRO has designed, manufactures ambulance, police vehicle, rugged laptop/tablet mounts, the most ergonomic, user friendly in the industry. We have the VLM-07 mount, U.S Patent # 1, 807, 727. The VLM-08, Patent Pending.
ROSSBRO manufactures the only transit/paratransit bus, accessory dash sliding unit, (Patented) consolidates drivers critical accessories, such as M.D.T., Keypads, Telephone Hang up Cups, Two Way Radios, GPS, etc. conveniently, safely within his reach on our sliding dash sliding unit. Once seated, the driver simply pulls or pushes the DSU, to where, he or she can easily access the required accessories, while remaining squarely seated, with arms and shoulders in a comfortable position.
Over 13,000 North American buses of all models now use the Rossbro DSU on a daily basis. They may be retrofitted or installed by the bus manufacturer, if our part number has been specified in the R.F.P.
ROSSBRO has designed and now manufactures the only miniature space-arm, iPhone luxurious desktop support, ideal for special awards, gifts, anniversaries. These are manufactured from aviation aluminum, anodised, and to aerospace tolerances. They come installed on a 6x6 inch pine wooden platform. Note: using the name iPhone or Space Arm, does not imply, approved or promoted by either name.
Is North America's exclusive distributor, for the worlds only, ambulance full automatic, underfloor cassette bariatric stretcher lift, certified for 1320 lbs.
These are manufactured in the U.K., by Passenger Lift Services. In business for 24 years, with 25,000 lifts installed worldwide, PLS has become the leading force, for the best quality, technically advanced lifts.

Is Canadian distributor fo a corset type lift designed for fallen patients/residents. Finally, paramedics, healthcare workers in hospitals, long term care residences, have a unique tool to assist the lifting of fallen patients in a dignified manner for the patient, while saving on back injuries.
With handles positioned all the way around the corset- (360 degrees) as well as on the lower and upper part, allows 1-2 -3 or more people of various heights to easily and safely lift the fallen person from various fallen positions.
With the proper lifting techniques, this is almost act mechanical lift, without being one.